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We are Here to Guide You!

It’s the journey, not the destination, that matters most. 
And we are ready to help you discover your home after UCHS. We guide students as they consider a range of options, teach them how to put together a college application that reflects their beliefs and talents, and help them choose the path that suits them best.

Finding the "right" college often seems intimidating, stressful, and overwhelming to many students given the proliferation of information (both good and bad) available to families. However, when students begin their planning and preparations early, maintain a positive and open attitude, and embrace self-awareness, the college search can be truly fulfilling. Mrs. Hamblin is here to help you make discoveries about yourself which lead you toward the best path for your own skills, interests, and aptitudes. Find more information on Mrs. Hamblin's college planning website using the link below.


Hear from our graduates!

Sam Swisher '19

"I believe Mrs. Hamblin's advising makes all the difference and really gives UCHS students the upper hand when it comes to the college application process. Though it is an intimidating task for seniors, Mrs. Hamblin is able to effectively guide students and aid them in achieving their best application. Mrs. Hamblin takes the time to know each student personally, allowing her to cater to each student's application and help them to make it individual to them. When I was going through Mrs. Hamblin's college advising, she always had my best interest in mind, which helped me to feel confident in my application and know I was putting my best work forward. My stress was relieved knowing I had someone with such great intelligence and expertise who cared so much about my and my colleagues' college success."

UCHS Class of 2019
University of South Carolina Honors College; Class of 2023

Ally Deese '20

"My college advising process with Mrs. Hamblin was phenomenal. It was so convenient to be able to schedule my own appointments with her to brainstorm essay ideas, edit short answers, and get insight on potential scholarships. As long as students are willing to put in effort as well, Mrs. Hamblin will go over and beyond to help you through the stressful college admissions process. I say with confidence that there is no way I would be where I am now without her help!”

UCHS Class of 2020
UNC-Chapel Hill; Class of 2024

Henry Winfield '20

“Mrs. Hamblin’s college advising is the best experience I had at UCHS. She won’t hold your hand and she gives you accountability as you strive to meet deadlines. When I had no idea what to write about myself, Mrs. Hamblin asked me the tough questions that I couldn’t think of myself which led me to discover great essay topics. There are plenty of deadlines throughout the college process, and while it’s on you to meet each one, as long as you finish your essays and application and show Mrs. Hamblin before the deadline, she’ll have it proofread and ready for submission. Transferring to UCHS was a breeze because I had little to no college counseling at my old school and Mrs. Hamblin really made an effort to personalize and connect with me. My family considered a private counselor, but Mrs. Hamblin eliminated that idea. I got into all the schools I applied to with the help of Mrs. Hamblin and even got scholarship money!”

UCHS Class of 2020
Clemson universIty; Class of 2024

Ainsley Richardson '21

“College counseling at University Christian is a privilege that I recommend all students take advantage of. Mrs. Hamblin guides students through the whole process, from choosing what colleges to apply to, to submitting short answer questions and personal statements, and finally deciding on what school is right for them. I personally met with Mrs. Hamblin at least once a week for most of the fall semester to edit essays and discuss the process. The entire college counseling process allows for students to better manage their time and organize ideas when applying for colleges, and it was a fantastic way to place responsibility on the student applicant without making the application process extremely overwhelming and seemingly impossible.”

UCHS Class of 2021
Davidson College; Class of 2025