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Academic Advising Tailored to You

Students have access to the same adviser for 4 years as high school students. This allows our students to get to know the adviser and for each student to have their schedule best meet their specific talents, abilities, and needs. During their junior and senior years, the Academic Adviser works extensively with each student individually to develop their college lists, and then supports them throughout the entire application process, especially with their essays and short answers. The continuity of students working with the same person for four years develops trust and helps each student produce their best possible résumé and Personal Essay for college.

Paige Hamblin has been with UCHS since 2015, and has 12 years of experience working as a teacher, Academic Adviser, and college counselor. She double-majored in English and Psychology at UNC-Chapel Hill and earned her Master’s in Education from Wake Forest. She has developed relationships with college admissions departments and representatives in schools in NC and the southeast to best advise students on what colleges seek in candidates. Her editing expertise brings a unique advantage to her college counseling and provides our students with a great tool to produce their best work. 



Students at UCHS don’t go unnoticed – they are directed towards programs that fit their unique goals and fuel their enthusiasm.

Whether in college prep, honors, or AP-level courses, students are challenged to develop creative and critical-thinking skills that allow them to become constructive, contributing leaders in their community.

Mrs. Hamblin is always there to help a student. She’s there if you need help with assignments or just need to talk. The personal relationship she develops with her students is unmatched. Without her, I would not be who I am today.

Your 4 Years with Academic Adviser

Freshman Year

Academic Adviser meets with each student in the Fall semester to get to know their interests and strengths, check in on their academic progress, and make recommendations for extracurricular activities and service work. Spring meetings are to plan students’ sophomore year schedules and summer activities.



Sophomore Year

Academic Adviser meets with each student in the Fall and the Spring to monitor academic and extracurricular progress and plan junior year schedules. Families have a meeting with the adviser in the Spring semester to understand the dual enrollment process for Lenoir-Rhyne, and students are encouraged to take courses that best fit their interests and college requirements.


Junior Year

Academic Adviser meets with students for scheduling but also begins the college process in the Spring semester. Students begin making their finalized list of safety, target, and reach schools based on their GPA and test scores, and meet with the adviser multiple times in the Spring to understand the full college process. Students have a “College Applications Boot Camp” in May to prepare for the summer and prepare their full résumé.

Senior Year

Students consistently schedule themselves throughout the Fall semester to meet with the Academic Adviser to work on college applications and essays. They aid students through topic selection, brainstorming, and then work diligently to edit and refine each essay with students. The adviser helps students with any application questions they have and helps them apply to Honor’s Programs and scholarships as well if they so choose.