Chapel Connection

March 24 - Mr. Willard
"The Eye of God"

March 31 - Religion 10 Presenting

April 14 - Religion 12 presents the challenging topic of "Victim Blaming".  Featuring a special music video by Music Club and Alumni.

Chapel, April 20, 2021
Today we heard from Christie Clary, Safe Harbor Volunteer & Community Outreach Coordinator, about Safe Harbor's mission, programs, and service opportunities for students.

Chapel March 17th, Religion 11 presents St. Patrick's Dream - the life and mission of St. Patrick. Special guest musician, Jonathan Birchfield, performed for the students his new song “Selfless Mercy”, along with several other original compositions, and a few familiar tunes. Also, starring Trey Carlton as St. Patrick and Phillip Wilson as the leprechaun.

Chapel March 3 - Mr. Unverfehrt
Topic:  Serve Others Not Yourself 

Chapel February 25, 2021
Led by Religion 10 B Day
Topic: The Beatitudes

Chapel February 24 presented by Religion 10 A Day
Topic: Leadership 
Presenters: Grayson Barnett, AJ Johnson, & Langley Parker
No audio, but the whole presentation can be viewed.

Pastor Mark Seaman, Our Savior Lutheran Church, spoke of his experiences in the military, lessons he learned, and how those lessons can apply to each of us..

Chapel Feb. 11 presented by Religion 12 B-Day

Chapel Feb. 10 presented by Religion 12 A-Day

Chapel 2-3-20
Vicar Andrew Thompson, St. Stephens Lutheran Church, spoke to the student body about Discipleship and what that means.

Chapel 1-27-21
Led by Vicar Luke Self
New Hope Lutheran Church


Chapel 1-20-21
MLK Day Service
Led by Emma Sellers,
Director of Multicultural Affairs
Lenoir-Rhyne University

Chapel 1-13-21
Led by Pastor Lohr Sapp
St. Andrew's Lutheran Church

Chapel 1-7-21
Led by Pastor Geml
Concordia Lutheran Church

Chapel 12-2-20
Message: Pastor Anton Lagoutine
St. John's Lutheran Church
Song by Music Club - May 2018

Chapel 11-18-20
Religion 9 (11:55 class) A-Day
Theme: Thankfulness

Chapel 11-19-20
Religion 9 (11:55 class) B-Day
Theme: Happiness

Chapel 11-4-20
Religion 9 (8:00 Class) A-Day
Theme:  The Ten Commandments

Chapel - 11-5-20
Religion 9 (8:00 class) B-Day
Theme:  Friendships

10th Grade Religion Class
Presents Chapel October 21

Chapel - 10-29-20
Led by Vicar Andrew Thompson
St. Stephens Lutheran Church

Chapel - 9/17/20

Chapel - 9/23 & 9/24
Honor Code Signing &
Prayer Around the Pole

11th Grade Religion Class hosts Chapel, 9-30-20.  This is the A-Day presentation.

Chapel - 10/7/20
This week's topic is "Comparisons are Odious" (inspiration from Killing Giants, Pulling Thorns by Charles Swindoll).

Chapel - 9/11/20

Chapel - 9/03/20

Chapel - 8/26/20

Chapel - 8/14/20