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Investing in What Matters Most

The UCHS Annual Fund provides critical annual operating support that allows us to go beyond what tuition affords and further invest in programs and priorities that create an exceptional educational experience. Every part of our campus is strengthened through gifts to the Annual Fund while ensuring that the UCHS experience is distinctive and accessible to all. 

Your philanthropic support helps us to cover the $918 per student difference between the actual cost of a UCHS education and what is covered by tuition. 

Annual giving dollars allow UCHS to solidify the strength of our programs, the excellence of our faculty, the diversity of our community, and the ongoing development of our campus and facilities. It also serves as an expression of thanks and confidence in our faculty and staff for all that they do for each student. Your participation is more meaningful than the amount of the gift. It is a vote of confidence for our school, our mission, and our leadership. 

Your gift will make a difference.  We are grateful for your support!

Hear More About the Annual Fund

UCHS is a family.
Beginning in 2009 with our founders and 8 students, donations from parents, grandparents, alumni and friends have donated over $3,050,000 to build the school we know today. 

UCHS Families have invested significantly in their student's education.  Your generosity will keep UCHS vibrant for our students as well as future Barracudas for many years to come.

Annual Fund FAQs

Give with a Purpose!

Every part of our campus is strengthened through gifts to the Annual Fund.  Each gift is tax deductible and every dollar supports student success. This year we are further investing in 3 top priorities: Campus Security, Technology and Transportation.

Campus Security

Looking at our facilities through the eyes of a safety and security expert, Mr. Barrett has determined several windows and doors in North and South Campus need to be retrofitted for safety.  Additionally, he is investigating the best “Campus Alert” cell phone system necessary to reach all students, teachers, staff, and parents within moments of a safety incident. These systems are utilized by all colleges and universities and are a feature that would be an added layer of safety for our students as they move about campus.  This requires an initial contract fee, as well as an annual fee to operate.



Technology…Ever Changing…Ever Necessary!  In addition to hardware, we continue to purchase specialty software which requires annual maintenance fees per student, in order to operate.  You might not be able to touch it, but your student sure appreciates the difference it makes in their day-to-day. In many cases, some software eliminates the need for a physical textbook - saving the trees, as well as your student’s posture!


Every year presents unexpected situations in which a bus or van requires repairs. This year was no exception! Our large bus ended up with a transmission that had to be replaced, costing the school thousands of dollars.  In addition to repairing the large bus, UCHS would like to move to a more versatile model of multiple passenger vans. This allows flexibility in shuttling students to events, as well as ease of use for the driver since no special driving permits are necessary. This year begins an annual push to raise funds to acquire 2 - 3 vans in a reasonable time frame!

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