Finishing Phase 1

When UCHS was formed nine years ago, we never imagined our school would rapidly grow to over 135 students and have an AMAZING NEW BUILDING in such a short time. God has blessed our efforts richly and grown this school into a place we are proud to be a part of and to support. Children are reaping the rewards of parents who volunteered their time and financially supported UCHS well into its first decade.  It was that small group of parents who stepped up in our “More than Bricks” Capital Campaign to provide financial gifts of over $400,000, paving the way for our North Campus location. 

DECADE 2 GROWTH CAMPAIGN is an opportunity for a new group of UCHS parents and supporters to rise to the challenge of helping defray the debt incurred through the construction of the North Campus building, and to begin planning for the Phase 2 needs of our facility. We are giving not only to positively impact current student's education, but to provide our community and its youth with an exceptional educational opportunity. With your support, we will enter the second decade of UCHS with a clear vision for GROWTH AND CONTINUED EXCEPTIONALISM.