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Building Friendships

At UCHS we recognize the importance of mental wellness and having time to build friendships.

Family groups are a unique and wonderful way for UCHS students can build bonds across grade levels while taking a "brain break" from their academic schedule. Individual family groups consist of students from each grade and remain a "family" throughout an entire academic year. Over the years, the activities that family groups participate in have evolved to meet the various needs of the student body. The groups are led by a teacher or staff member and consist of activities such as origami, wiffle ball, nature walks, and board games. 

Every day I look forward to working and socializing with all the different personalities. Whether in class or after school at a sport, whether with a teacher or a student, it's so fun to talk with people here. It opens my mind up since there are many different perspectives.  The variety of personalities and talents here makes me look forward to coming to school at UCHS. Our school is one big family!

I love coming into community and family groups. I can see my friends and what is going on with their lives.

I always look forward to community, it’s just a fun relaxing time before classes start where we get to learn about what’s going on in the world and in our school.

At UCHS, it is like one big family that has fun with some of the best academics you will find! The staff truly cares for every student and wants everyone to succeed. And you will do just that!

The amazing students welcomed me with open arms and made my transition to this school more than simple. Never once have I felt alone at UCHS.

Everyone respects each other. There is a sort of camaraderie between all of the student body, and we all help each other. I don’t remember a time when someone in front of me didn’t hold the door for me or didn’t join me to walk to lunch.