Annual Fund

Think of what it means to be a shareholder.  It means you hold a share in a promising endeavor that will yield profits in the future.  School parents, grandparents, teachers, and community benefactors are the primary shareholders of University Christian High School.  As such, we must commit to stand strong for a growing school as it fully develops its mission in our world and local community.

As an annual fund drive to support school operations, the UCHS Annual Fund will take the lead in establishing and sustaining a culture of giving that encourages charitable investments in the mission of our school. These contributions provide administration with opportunities to earmark funds for special, non-budgetary purchases.  Items have included our new website, renovation of office and rest room facilities, science lab equipment, and athletics.  In the future this could include a school bus and technology updates.

Our donations, united, are an educational investment, sustaining the growth of our school until our mature alumni are able to complete the circle and give back to the institution that launched their life dreams.  These are the essential years of growth for UCHS.   Investments now are most vital to assure we continue to operate and expand, opening the doors of highly-academic, Christian education to as many hard-working students as possible.