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12th Grade
Tennis, Swimming, Track, Model UN, Music Club,
National Honor Society, Foreign Language
Competition, Multicultural Perspectives,
Ambassador Team Leader

The academics at UCHS are challenging and push
us to be our best.  The amount of academic
challenges a student can have also revolves
around class choices, so students only have to
take as much as they can handle. The academics
at UCHS are the best of any of the schools I’ve
gone to, and we are lucky to have them taught
by such amazing teachers!

11th Grade
Basketball, Swimming, Golf, Tennis,
Ambassador Assistant Team Leader

My proudest accomplishment at UCHS is
becoming the Assistant Ambassador Team
Leader. I am able to showcase my leadership
skills and also able to become closer with all
of my fellow Ambassadors.

12th Grade
Soccer, Swim Team, Multicultural Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Spirit Club

The most important course I have taken at UCHS
is AP U.S. History. This class showed me the
importance of time management and showed me
what it was like to go to college before college. 
I learned lots of valuable information that I will
have with me for a lifetime and it exemplified
the benefit of learning over just schooling.

10th Grade
Cross Country, Compost Team, Biology Club

To be a student at UCHS means that you are hardworking, kind, and respectful. This is
displayed by people doing the best they can do,
being kindhearted towards others, and acting
with respect to anyone and everyone around.

12th Grade
National Honor Society, Music Club

The teacher that has had the greatest impact on
me was Mrs. Davis. When I was struggling in
AP Calculus, she continuously worked with me
and pushed me to strive for better results. It was
her commitment that helped me succeed and pass.

11th Grade
Student Council - Chaplain, Debate Team,
Envirothon Team, 
Music Club, Biology Club,
Model UN

I chose to attend UCHS is because of the
Christ-centered environment, small class sizes,
opportunity to take LR classes and get college
credits, and the special student-teacher
relationships we are able to build. I love UCHS,
and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

12th Grade
12th Grade Class Representative, Tennis, Soccer,
Foreign Language Competition, 
Multi-Cultural Club,

My favorite class is Spanish because Mrs.Bartok
does an amazing job teaching the language as
well as teaching us about Latin culture. At UCHS,
teachers challenge students to reach their full
academic potential, while also offering support
and different styles of teaching so students can
understand the concepts and become more
curious about what they are learning.

12th Grade
Golf, Basketball, Multicultural Club,
Fellowship of Christian Athletes

My favorite place on campus would have to be the
common area at North Campus. This is a place
where everyone can come together and learn,
make new friends, get to know your teachers
better, or where you can find a study room to
buckle down and get your work done. From
personal experience, I have made my best friends
here and formed connections I will hold for a lifetime.

11th Grade
Tennis, FCA, Multicultural Club, Yearbook

Math teacher, Mrs. Pepe, has had the greatest
impact on me. She truly cares about each of her
students and wants the best for them. I love
talking to her when I get the chance because
she always makes my day better!

10th Grade
Compost Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes

I chose to come to UCHS because of its
supportive environment. UCHS has teachers
that not only care about your education,
but you as a person.

11th Grade
Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Multicultural Club,
Soccer Team, 
Track Team, Spirit Club

One of my most memorable times at UCHS was
attending a basketball game when we played
Hickory Christian Academy.  We had so many
students attend that we filled up an entire
section of the stands. The theme of the game
was "pink out", so we were all dressed in pink
attire. We were yelling our chants and cheering
for our team. It was one of our closest games
ever against HCA, and I look forward to attending
more of these events.

11th Grade
Tennis, Soccer, Student Council, Multicultural Club

My favorite subject is English. I love writing and
expressing myself with words. My favorite class
I have taken at UCHS so far is Speech and Debate
with Mr. Willard. In this class, I was able to not only
write speeches, but I also got to deliver them in
front of my classmates. It was super fun and really
strengthened my public speaking skills!

10th Grade
Swim Team, Debate Team, Student Council,
Math Team

To be a UCHS student means one needs a great
deal of Integrity, must be prepared to work hard,
and always treat others with respect.

10th Grade
Tennis Team, Music Club, Compost Club

My favorite subjects are Math and History. I like
Math because Mrs. Pepe and Mrs. Davis both
make it enjoyable and easy to understand. I like
History because there is so much to learn about
important events and people in the past.

10th Grade
Biology Club, Compost Club

My favorite class is English because I enjoy writing
and literature. I chose to come to UCHS mainly for
the incredibly calm and welcoming environment
it provides, as well as the dedicated teachers who
strive to make their students the best versions
of themselves.

10th Grade
Girls Tennis, Swim Team, Girls Soccer,
Yearbook, FCA

My favorite memory has been competing with our
school swim team and winning the state finals.
That experience was a blast as we practiced in the
mornings, ate Chick-Fil-A, and got the chance to
participate in swim meets leading to state finals.
The fellowship, competing, and practicing together
with the swim team made me feel a part of
something bigger than myself through love and
support with my teammates and school.