Admissions Requirements

University Christian High School was begun with the understanding that students would be ready to take college coursework at Lenoir-Rhyne University beginning in the 11th and/or 12th grade.  As the result of an expansion of course offerings, students can now complete their graduation requirements without the rigor of dual-enrollment courses.  UCHS will continue to maintain all its core courses at Honors level.  With that in mind, the following criteria will be followed for student admissions:

  • A grade point average in the range of 3.2 and above (CONVERSION TABLE); or Top 30% in both Math and Reading as expressed in nationally-normed achievement tests.   An average 70th percentile may be considered if all other requirements are above average.
  • Any student not taking Algebra I in the 8th grade must take the UCHS placement test to determine Algebra I readiness.  A student must be prepared for at least Algebra I to be accepted.  Students who have taken Algebra I are required to take the Algebra II readiness test.
  • All students must attain a favorable result on their Reading/Writing admissions test.
  • Three teacher recommendations are required to determine student work ethic and responsibility. The teacher recommendation form is attached to the application.  A student must have an above-average score on this instrument for acceptance.
  • There shall be a student interview conducted by the Principal, counselor, and teachers of UCHS.  Parents are included in the interview process in a follow-up session which includes the school interview team, the prospective student, and his/her parent(s).