Admission Process

University Christian High School takes pleasure in inviting you to apply for admission!  Our faculty is working hard to set the standard for quality education, emphasizing the spiritual, academic, and social development of our students.  The faculty, administration, students, and staff make the experience of attending UCHS a special one.  We invite you to become part of our family.


  • Provide a copy of your academic transcript and reports of standardized testing.
  • Submit three (3) TEACHER REFERENCES
  • Sign up for and complete the English/Writing admissions test by contacting the School Office at 828-855-2995
  • Upon completion of your testing, the school will schedule a time for your interview.
  • International students and applicants who speak English as a second language must submit TOEFL scores.


  • Submit $300 Registration Fee.


  • Students wishing to enter as freshmen may apply at the beginning of their eighth-grade year.
  • Early Admission Deadline:  November 1
    • Submit the application by November 1.
    • Submit teacher recommendations, academic transcript, and standardized testing reports by December 10.
    • Complete admissions testing by December 10.  Upon completion, the school will schedule the interview.
    • Receive admission notification by December 15.
  • Spring Admission Deadline:  February 1
    • Submit the application by February 1.
    • Submit teacher recommendations, academic transcript, and standardized testing reports by March 10.
    • Complete admissions testing and interview by March 10.
    •  Receive admission notification by March 15.
  • Students who apply and complete the application process before November 1 will be notified about acceptance within two weeks of the interview with the principal.
  • Students who elect to apply after February 1 will be placed on a waiting list once they have completed the application process.  They will be accepted only if there is still space in that grade level.
  • A signed contract and a paid registration fee are required for all accepted students by April 1 to complete the application process and reserve their place in the class.  Students who fail to meet the April 1 deadline may be replaced by a student on the waiting list.
  • All acceptances are contingent upon review of the first semester and/or final semester grades. 


  • Prospective students are invited to spend a day with us "shadowing" a current student. This provides a great opportunity to see what it's like to go to school at UCHS.
  • Call the School Office at 828-855-2995 to schedule a shadow day opportunity


  • Siblings of children currently attending University Christian, children of association members, children of UCHS, LRU, St. Stephens, and Concordia faculty and staff may receive special consideration when the student fulfills admission requirements.
  • Transfer students are welcome at UCHS. Students must realize that the course sequence at UCHS will differ from the school the student is transferring from. Pathways will be made available to complete graduation requirements in four years. Students that seek to get on track with the UCHS course sequence may need to arrange and pay for needed courses on their own.