Graduation Requirements

Beginning at the ninth grade level, credits are accumulated for graduation.  The minimum number of credits needed to graduate is 28.  The following is a list of the minimum graduation requirements:

English 4 Credits including American Literature, World Literature, and British Literature
Mathematics 4 Credits including Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and one additional higher-level course
Social Studies 4 Credits including Civics & Economics, World History, and two credits of US History
Science 4 Credits including Biology, Chemistry, and Environmental Science
Foreign Language 2 Credits (UCHS recommends three of the same language)
Religion 4 Credits or one for every year enrolled at UCHS
Health/PE 1 Credit
Fine Arts or Speech 1 Credit (UCHS recommends one of each)
Electives Enough to bring the total of credits to 28 required for graduation
Mission/Service Work 10 hours for every semester enrolled at UCHS