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Opportunity for Electives

UCHS offers a wide variety of elective courses that allow students the flexibility to choose classes that match their specific interests and passions, or to explore new subjects that help broaden their horizons. Students may be interested in specializing in specific areas of study, and our elective options enable them to develop greater depth and expertise in particular subjects. Whatever type of student you are (or may yet become), our advisors will guide you through the many available options.

Online Electives

Through our partnership with Lutheran High School of Orange County and Mayer Lutheran High School, we can offer a wide variety of online elective courses.  These include Digital Photography, Graphic Design, Music Appreciation, Business Law, Video Game Design, Consumer Finance, and many others.  Courses are added yearly based on student interest.

UCHS Electives

At UCHS elective offerings change depending on the interest of our students and the expertise of our instructors.  Possible electives include Art I (Drawing), Art II (Painting), Sociology, Psychology, Yoga & Mindfulness, and many others.

You will explore with confidence.  You will engage your curiosity.
You will enlighten your mind.  You will elevate your character.  
At UCHS, you are empowered to be YOU.