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Chart Your Course

UCHS Curriculum & Departments

At UCHS, we help students go beyond memorizing “the what”
to truly understanding “the why” in every subject.


At University Christian High School...

  • Classes range across the academic disciplines, encouraging students to explore their interests and discover their unique strengths.
  • Our commitment to small class size helps create lively and dynamic classrooms that encourage students to be active participants and partners in their learning. Students discover their passions and realize their potential.
  • Each department works to provide a challenging and relevant curriculum through strategies that engage, inspire and support. 
  • Students develop the knowledge and skills essential for success in college and career readiness.
  • You will be engaged, challenged, and inspired in class, and will be provided every means necessary for success in the classroom. 
  • You will graduate with confidence and enthusiasm for what lies ahead and find that no academic challenge is insurmountable, with our experienced faculty and staff beside you every step of the way. 

Graduation Requirements

English 4 Credits
Math 4 Credits
Science 4 Credits
Social Studies 4 Credits
Foreign Language 2 Credits
Fine Arts / Speech 1 Credit
Health / PE 1 Credit
Religion 4 Credits
Electives 4 Credits
TOTAL 28 Credits to Graduate
SERVICE 20 Hours per Year Enrolled


A 90-100 = 4.0
B 80-89 = 3.0
C 70-79 = 2.0
D 60-69 = 1.0
F Below 60 = 0.0

Academics & Curriculum

  • Honors and Advanced Placement/Dual-Enrollment courses are weighted (.5 and 1 point, respectively).
  • UCHS does not rank its students.
  • Courses are on a block schedule, and students are required to take a minimum of 8 courses (7 credits) a year.
  • Students cannot take AP courses until their sophomore year of high school.
  • Students can take dual-enrollment courses with Lenoir-Rhyne University their junior and senior year if they have a 3.0 unweighted GPA.
  • Several Dual-Enrollment courses can count as Graduation Requirements, for instance, ENG 131 at Lenoir-Rhyne can count as English 12, HIS 115 can count as World History, MAT 115 (Statistics) can count as a fourth math and Economics, History, Political Science, or Social Science credits can count as a fourth Social Studies.