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Our Mission, Vision and Values

University Christian High School fosters a space where courageous journeys begin.  Our students are encouraged to explore both academically and personally and have the flexibility to design their own path. With the support of teachers and peers, they meet the challenge as they develop core skills and competencies, and ultimately realize a clarity of goals and achievable life objectives.

The Value in Values

Values are important. Just as you have worked hard to instill your values in your child, UCHS will build upon this foundation to drive student attitudes and success. Families at UCHS are part of our community by choice. They have selected a school where students and staff reflect their own family values through attitudes and behavior, and good citizenship and ethics. They are choosing an environment that goes far beyond the classroom, where everyday learning happens ‘beyond the bell’.

Never doubt your abilities.  At University Christian High School, you will be challenged to accelerate your academic studies and will be provided with every means necessary for success.  You will become an engaged learner who will discover skills, aptitudes, and talents and will graduate with confidence and enthusiasm for what lies ahead. 

Creating a Balance

UCHS constructs a balance between structure and freedom that allows students to grow - to try new things, to take risks, and to engage with life. Students try new things and develop both independence and teamwork. Whether it’s competitive athletics or an introduction to a new sport, joining a club, participating in service opportunities, or stepping into a leadership role, the opportunities are endless.

University Christian High School's mission is to provide a Christ-centered education that inspires students to achieve excellence in ACADEMICS, MORAL CHARACTER, and SERVANT LEADERSHIP.

Personal Attention

Individual attention facilitates more than just good grades. It means that teachers have the time, both inside and outside of class to teach students how to think, not necessarily what to think. It allows faculty to create a safe learning environment that provides the freedom to experiment, foster creativity, and encourage innovation. Opportunities are created that facilitate relationship building, communication skills, accountability, positive codes of conduct, and personal responsibility. Every child is seen, supported, and encouraged to embrace new opportunities that will help them thrive and grow.