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Campus Life

What sets us apart? Camaraderie and Cooperation

Happy and engaged students, with several acres of greenspace to enjoy, make campus life at UCHS truly unique and welcoming. With student artwork displayed throughout, North Campus is designed for collaboration and STEM learning. Walking past The Glen, students enjoy fresh air and scenery as they head to South Campus, housed in the education building of St. Andrew’s Church. As students cross over to the campus of LRU, they are greeted with a park-like setting and “Joe Bear” as he stands sentry on the walk.

On the campus of LRU, UCHS students have lunch in the Cromer Center, where there are several dining options, including Chick-fil-a and Joe’s Coffee. Most tempting of all, is the option to eat outside connecting with nature and enjoying friends. When much is given, much is expected, which is why this dynamic works so well. UCHS students are reliable and competent and have proven to have the maturity to handle the freedom which comes with such a vibrant and enriching campus life. At UCHS, we often say that our students “learn to go to college before they go to college”… even before they earn a high school diploma…and actually, they do.

Our location on the campus of LRU and our relationship with Appalachian State University allow students to navigate a college campus and engage in college classes, while in the supportive environment of high school. Our students graduate with credit hours, and with the confidence and skills necessary to juggle the demands of college life.

Learn to go to college, before going to college.