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Fish Tales

What does it mean to be a Barracuda? Hear from our parents & students.

"Our daughter embraced the academic challenges and opportunities and became actively immersed in athletics and other extracurricular activities. We have met an outstanding group of faculty, staff, students and other parents. UCHS has richly rewarded our decision to entrust it with our daughter's education."

"There are so many amazing opportunities at UCHS. The teachers provide multiple ways for students to learn, and they make sure to assist when you are in need. I knew this was the place for me when I saw the academic opportunities I’d be able to have. UCHS gives me an amazing education."

"UCHS provides a strong core educational program in a safe, stable and nurturing environment. I feel UCHS provides a great atmosphere for our child where success is defined by more than just grades and standardized test scores."

"BE A LEADER AND GET INVOLVED! It’s amazing how everyone is in a club and sport (usually in multiple clubs and sports at once). Even if you are scared to start a club or join a sport, DO IT! You will make so many friends and learn a lot in the process. Never have I been more involved in a school until I came here!"

"The friendships gained and the love of service from these kids has affirmed for us that our child has been at the right place these past four years. The motto of humble service is truly seen and felt at the school and developed in our son."

"I was really nervous because I came from Public school and didn’t know anyone. I was scared, but as soon as I got here everyone was so nice to me and so easy to be friends with. The teachers were extremely nice and ready to teach. I knew I loved it it by all the amazing teachers and students that really care about you."

"You have teachers who truly care about you. This will be a huge shift when coming to high school. Your teachers know how to teach the material in a way that helps you learn, and they know the true value of learning and having success in your future."